Baruti "Libre" Kafele who is affectionately known as Baruti Libre is an intellectual entrepreneur, public speaker, political scientist, libertarian orator and real estate broker who ensures quality and superiority in his enterprises, speeches, scholarship and endeavors.  Baruti Libre is the chief executive of the successful fashion and multimedia firm called LiBRE BRAND-Freedom of Flyness which is globally recognized and viable.  Baruti Libre is also a social and political blogger who displays his passion for the ascertaining of knowledge via "The Baruti Libre Show" where his commentary is available via and his YouTube Channel entitled "BarutiLibre". Additionally, Baruti Libre is the proud CEO of his real estate investment, brokerage and asset management firm called Libertus, LLC.  Baruti Libre is a Jersey City, NJ native; a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Kean University and Honors alumnus of the Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems at Georgetown University.   Baruti’s major was in Political Science with an emphasis in International/Comparative Politics with minors in Sociology and African American Studies.  Baruti Libre is a reader and lecturer on the subject matters of politic science, macro-economics, sociology, American History, African/African American history and political theory. His passion is to empower the next generation of people to achieve their respective goals and dreams so that they could contribute their respective gifts towards the betterment of themselves and society.  From Baruti Libre's perspective, economic freedom, limited government and free-markets are the foundational means for prosperity in this generation and the generations to come globally.

Baruti "Libre" Kafele is a Jersey City, NJ native, a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Kean University whose major was in Political Science with an emphasis in International/Comparative Politics whose Minor was in Sociology and African American Studies. Baruti Libre is a meritorious Kean University Dean’s List student who was recently inducted into the Eta Sigma chapter of the Pi Sigma Alpha Honor’s Society (which is a national political science honor’s society for college) and university students of political science in the United States. Additionally, Baruti Libre has been inducted into the Alpha Kappa Delta Honor’s Society (which is an international sociology honor’s society for college and university students of sociology in the United States). Not to mention, Baruti, was inducted into the Lambda Alpha Sigma Kean University Honor’s society and last but not least, Baruti Libre was recently inducted into America’s most prestigious, oldest, competitive and multidisciplinary honor’s society which is the Phi Kappa Phi Honor’s Society.


Mr. Baruti is also a graduate of The Fund for American Studies: Engalitcheff Institute of Comparative Political and Economic Systems program at Georgetown University in the summer of 2012.  Baruti Libre has traveled to Cairo, Egypt for the spring semester of 2010 to take courses at the American University in Cairo exactly a year before the country’s 2011 insurrection. Baruti has lectured at Kean University, William Paterson University, at the national annual Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations (A.S.C.A.C.) Conference in 2011 at Washington D.C. and the regional conference in the same year in New York City.  Baruti has lectured for civic organizations, church events, school events, etc. Baruti Libre is an advocate for limited governments, free markets, economic freedom/ development and entrepreneurship. Baruti is also an African-centered student who meticulously researches History with a concentration on the African origins and contributions to the various dimensions of ancient and modern civilization and through his studies and research, he elucidates this information to all audiences to enhance the cultural knowledge and contributions of African people to the civilizations of the ancient world.  Not to mention, Baruti K was one of the former Presidents of the Kean University Pan African Student Union in 2009.


Baruti Libre is a person who lives life to service humanity through educating, informing and investing.  He is a very experienced and well rounded individual that you would love to book for your event, to hire to manage your assets, to give you a professional and quality consultation for your business and/or to help you buy or sell a home that is complimentary to your needs and interest.  Contact him at or call 201-424-6393.