Baruti Libre has a plurality of services which range from event/business consultation, event hostings, asset management, to lectures on topics ranging from economics, political science, global politics, American history, African history, African American history and the history of Austrian economics.  Book Baruti Libre today by e-mailing or call 201-424-6393.



Are you an aspiring or current entrepreneur that is looking to improve on your branding, marketing, budgeting, direction, business planning, etc?  Contact Baruti Libre via e-mail at or phone 201-424-6393 for your consultation and you will receive a response with your quote.  Baruti Libre is willing to fly anywhere in the country upon getting booked for an interpersonal consultation,  The consultation will make your business viable, succesful and sustainable based on your inclined standards.



Would you like to accumulate residual income on your investments?  Are you looking for a means or outlet that'll enable the growth of your finances?  Do you have money that's not accumulating interest?  If you answered "YES to at least one of these questions, then the financial and asset management expert, Baruti Libre is the right person to reach out to.  His firm, Libertus, LLC will ensure that your assets will work for you around the clock via stocks, bonds, money market funds, real estate, etc.  Contact Baruti Libre at or call 201-424-6393 to set your appointment and begin your life of financial freedom.


Are you looking to quickly sell your property or do you know of anyone who is looking to sell their property? Are you irritated with the exorbitant carrying costs for a property that has been sitting on the market for an extensive period of time? Are you ready to take your life to higher and enjoyable levels? If so, contact Baruti LIbre who is a professional and effective Asset Management Consultant, Real Estate agent and Real Estate Investor who gets the job done as expediently and quickly as possible with satisfaction guaranteed.  Do not wait until it is too late. Work with the best to get the best results. Call me at 201-424-6393.


Additionally Baruti Libre, gives comprehensive and informationally intensed presentations on the different tenets of real estate investing and how to ensure viability and wealth accumulation in this industry.  His presentations are informative, practical and beneficial for anyone who is looking to reap the financial benefits of this vehicle of investing. Book Baruti Libre for a speech or consultation today by e-mailing or calling 201-424-6393.

Baruti Libre gives comprehensive workshops pertaining to the key components of starting and opertaing a sucessful business.  

Baruti K intricately disseminates information pertaining to marketing, branding, financing, business planning, promotions, advertising, business etiquette, etc.  His presentations are infused with education, information, energy and enthusiasm.  The presentations are infused with quality, professionalism, enthusiasm and honesty.  The pontification of wisdom from Baruti Libre will lead you to the right direction.  Book Baruti Liibre to speak at your event by calling 201-424-6393 or e-mailing




In this society that we live in, we all need inspirational words to keep us focused, hopeful and optimistic.   Baruti K is someone that believes that all humans have the genetic predisposition to achieve greatness contrary to the circumstances that they'were born in or what their disabilities maybe.  Baruti K infuses passion, optimism and enthusiasm in his presentations and you will leave with a transformative mindset that will lead you towards greatness in life.  Book Baruti Libre today if you would like to book someone that will instill hope and vitality to you and the audience.  The e-mail address is and the number to contact is 551-222-5929.