THE FALCON symbolizes the Ancient Egyptian deity, Heru or Horus who symbolizes warriorship in Ancient Egyptian culture. Heru was chosen because the symbolism of the deity compliments the ideals of Libre Brand. Henceforth, history has proven that in order for one to obtain freedom and liberty, one has to be a warrior and fight persistently and strategically for this right.

FREEDOM OF FLYNESS is the slogan of Libre Brand which is a double entendre that means flying and soaring to your goal or objective & also possessing the self esteem and self identity to embrace who you are without being oppressed by societal impositions or norms of who you should be.

LIBRE is a word that derives from the Spanish and French languages used to denote someone or something that is free in the sense of “having freedom” or “liberty”.

THE YEAR 2012 was the year that Libre Brand was founded. The other significance behind this year is that some chronologists considered this year to be the end of the World in accordance with the Mayan Calendar. The Founder created his own interpretation of the “2012” conspiracy and marked the year as the Genesis of a New Age or Neo-Enlightenment dominated by the ideals of liberty, liberation and justice for humanity.

THE WINGS symbolize flying and reaching your life’s destination. Additionally the wings symbolize a collective or group of people reaching their destination through self -determination and unification for the purpose of liberty and justice in society.

THE BROKEN SHACKLES symbolize extricating or freeing yourself individually from anything that hinders or impedes you from development and progress. Additionally the broken shackles symbolize a nation of people freeing themselves from oppression, subjugation or suppression so that they can reach their objectives of liberty and freedom.

THE PENDANT symbolizes the Ancient Egyptian deity named Khepera whose symbol is a beetle which symbolizes the shining Sun. Hence, the “SUN” is a symbol of Enlightenment and awareness. Additionally, in order for a person or aggregate of people to seek liberty, one has to be cognizant of their oppressive condition.

THE WAYFERER SUNGLASSES were first manufactured in 1956 and became popular around the time of the decolonization movements that occurred around the so-called “Third World”. Additionally, various revolutionaries, political figures, anti war protesters and activists globally wore these style of glasses. Hence, since these glasses symbolize revolution, we incorporated these sunglasses onto the logo.

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