Gun Control Doesn't Correlate with a Safer Society

In American society, homicides, armed robberies, mass murders, state sponsored terrorism by the police and school murders by firearms are undeniably and unfortunately prevalent. Ideally and generally, the over-simplified solution to this problem would be through the federal legislation of gun control. Gun control is contradictory to a safer society and is a constitutional violation of our right to protection. The second amendment right is the right for people to keep and bare arms. What we need to understand is that the weapons are idle tangibles that do not automatically brutalize and victimize people. Hence, it is the intention and motivation of a person to kill and not the ammunition. There’s a plethora of ways to injure, intimidate, violate and assassinate someone without the utilization of firearms. It is statistically proven in countries that have implemented gun control regulations that they did not make society safer but instead stagnant and/or more dangerous.

The paramount nations in the Industrial World that are notable for having gun control regulations are the United Kingdom and Australia. In the UK, the Firearms Amendment was passed in 1997 which regulated handguns and additionally prohibited weapons under the Firearms Act of 1968 now according to the "Homicide Incident Trend Analysis", from 1997/98 to 2010/11, there were 587 homicide incidents in 1997 and 602 in 2011 which shows an increase in homicides and between 1996 and 2002, the homicide rate doubled exponentially!!! Next, as aforementioned there are an innumerable and plurality of ways in which people could get harmed or brutalized without guns so in this case, gun control is just a mere regulation of one form of fatality and injury. Not to mention, the weapon of choice in the UK is not even the gun it's instead the knife!!! Yes, the knife stabbing assaults in the UK according to the Office for National Statistics have risen 13% and there has been a 2% rise in all knife crime offences with a staggering 1,577 more knife attacks than the previous year. In saying all of this, gun control doesn't make society safer because people will just find alternatives to antagonize and brutalize someone. Lastly, a scholar named Joyce Lee Malcolm published a verifiable study called "Guns and Violence: The English Experience" stated that as late as 1954, there were no controls on shotguns and there were only 12 cases of armed robberies in which 1/3 of the crimes were used with real guns and then in 1974 which is 6 years after the firearms act of 1968, armed robberies in the UK's major city of London rose to 1,400!!! This is one example to present that gun control correlating with a safer society is axiomatic, mendacious and mythological.

Another example of a society with regulated gun control laws is Australia. According to the Australian Institute of Criminality's homicide monitoring program, gun murders have decreased by 25% since the 80s but knife murders inversely increased by 41% since the early 2000s!! In closing, there’s no correlation between gun control legislation and a safer society. We need to instead focus on getting to the root or common denominator of the problems that we are inflicted with so that eventually, one of the stems that we call gun violence could exponentially decrease and that is not through the government encroachment of our second amendment right to protect ourselves as citizens.

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