Dear Black People: The Democrats Nor The Republicans Will Save You!!

This Presidential Election is arguably the most anamolous, unprecedented and important occurrence of this liking in this country's history for obvious reasons. Noticably there's a real estate and gaming mogul with no experience in being participatory in the political arena as a public official as the Republican front runner (named Donald Trump) and you have a politically experienced, accomplished yet equivocal politician who has a chance of becoming the first female Commander and Chief/President of the United States (and her name is Hillary Clinton). Due to the alleged xenophobic, degrading, demeaning, condescending and polarizing utterances of the billionaire business man and potential President, Donald Trump this is causing the majority of African Americans and Afro Latinos to feel pressured to vote for Hilary Clinton in fear of his perceived megalomania being the nightmare for people of color and this country's national security.

Contrarily, there are a small quantity of Black Conservatives who have antipathy and perfidiousness towards the Democratic, Liberal and Progressive agenda of Big Government namely with President Obama's policies like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) and the American Revitalization and Recovery Act (the Stimulus Package) which cost tax payers literally trillions of dollars. They see Clinton continuing this trajectory of perceived profligate and exorbitant governmental spending with a diminutive output that will enhance the national debt and eviscerate the U.S. economy into shreds. From my perspective as a self proclaimed African-American dedicating this article to my fellow ethnic counterparts; if your intentionality to vote in this election is for dynamic reforms and progress for the Black community, then you are certainly in a state of political intoxication and even amnesia. Within the historicity of this country, there were never changes in the political sphere without the organization and mobilization on "Main Street" or within the community first. Changes occurred within our community due to the capacity and capability of our people to solve problems ourselves and legislative reform happened through our persistent political discourse, programatic agendas and political pressure.

One of the Greatest Myths in the Black community is that the Democratic Party and the Progressive/Populist Movement was the movement and political partisanship for Black people. It is historically verifiable that some of the most racist, discriminatory and "negrophobic" private citizens and public officials in this country were "Democrats", "Progressives" or "Populists." For example, if you are familiar with the Eugenics movement which was founded by the English scientist Francis Galton, his movement was for the preservation, expansion and domination of the Caucasian race and followers of this movement classified people of color as inferior, incorrigible, imbecile. Eugenicists in America included people like Margaret Sanger (the founder of Planned Parenthood), President Woodrow Wilson (Democratic President of the United States), Madison Grant (Author of the White Supremacist book "Passing of a Great Race), H.G. Wells (the Renowned Historian), John Keynes (the legendary Economist) and various other progressives and democrats aligned themselves with this movement that just so happened to influence Adolf Hitler's political philosophy of Nazism and Arianism (Arian Superiority). In addition, most of the politicians who were advocates of state administered and authorized segregation also known as "Jim Crowism" were Democrats. The irony in all of this is that honorable and magnanimous Black leaders like the Great Abolitionist and Orator, Frederick Douglass and the Innovative School Principal, Booker T. Washington were self proclaimed Republicans and they lived around the same time of the aforementioned Eugenicists who just so happen to have been progressives.

Additionally, the critical juncture for Black people which lead to the mass conversion to the Democratic party was the Civil Rights laws that were passed mainly by President Johnson due to the pressures of Black Civil Rights and Assimilationist organizations. It was organizations like the NAACP, the SCLC, CORE, the Urban League, SNCC and countless others which consisted of Civil Rights Leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Bayard Rustin, James Farmer, Roy Wilkins, John Lewis and many more who persistently protested for Civil Rights which lead to legislative reform and executive orders with the intention of integration and equal opportunity. Examples of the legislative reforms include the Brown v. Board of Education decision of 1954 which legally desegregated schools, the Browder v. Gayle decision of 1957 which desegregated public transportation due to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights of 1965.

Henceforth, President Johnson and various other politicians noticed the popularity and increasement of resentfulness towards the racialist policies against Black people in America that in order to maintain their positions in power, they legislatively and politically acquiesced. Also, the Democrats have implemented a lot of governmental administered programs for the purpose of spreading equality, "social justice", egalitarianism, societal fairness and these programs have only made the problems either worse or stagnant at the expense of our tax dollars and I will meticulously explain examples in future articles and my book coming soon. Next, the Republicans are socially conservative and they advocate for individual rights, limited government and conservative spending. Henceforth, they have the propensity to blame the complacencies and inequities of Black people mainly on a lack of self reliance, accountability, assimilationism and work ethic. Since expensive governmental policies from the mythological successes of the New Deal and Great Society programs of President Roosevelt and President Johnson have not significantly changed the plight of the masses of African Americans and since Republican Presidents have been apathetic about the progress of Black people and some have lead administrations which conspired to intoxicate and criminalize the Black community via the War on Drugs under Presidents Nixon and Reagan, it is up to Black people to stop relying on the top down approach of presidential and congressional politics to rectify our problems and to build our communities from the bottom up. Once we understand this, then all lives will recognize that "Black Lives Matter" whether they like it or not.

P.S. Be on the look out for new articles and also my new book where I will give meticulous details to verify a lot of my claims inundated in this article.

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