One of the prevailing problems that I noticed in the African American or Black community during our historicity in the American political system is the need to seek social and political validation from other groups, specifically within the public sector. We have come to the conclusion that the solution for advancement, freedom and equality is through the government solving our problems – whether it’s through legislation, executive orders, etc. Also one of the biggest myths in the African American community is that the Democratic Party is the party for the African American. It has been politically and historically proven that for an ethnic enclave to progress in American society that the political arena should not be the first step because all this does is monopolizes your dependency on a political system that uses Black people as a political pawn to advance their personal interests and the interests of special interest groups and lobbyists who sponsor their respective campaigns. Not to mention, America is not a democracy in the traditional sense of the word, America is an oligarchy which derives from the Greek word oligarkhia and the Greek prefix of oligos means few while arkhein means rule.

Therefore, in America, the political system is set where the few that are prosperous economically manipulate politics for their best interests since politicians are in business for themselves just like everyone else. We can see the example of the real estate and gaming mogul, Donald Trump making the decision to run for the Presidency to surprisingly and sporadically become the Presidential front runner to Hillary Clinton who used her political position as the Secretary of State to facilitate business deals with at least 60 companies donating $26 million conservatively to the Clinton Foundation for the purpose of advancing their economic interests with the support of governmental privileges at the expense of our tax dollars. The Clinton Foundation also received millions of dollars in donations from Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Algeria and the United Arab Emirates which are ironically countries which Clinton critiques as having “human rights violations” especially against women. Ironically, in Saudi Arabia, Ethiopians protesters are brutalized and incarcerated for protesting against the rapings, kidnappings, beatings and perennial torture that mainly Ethiopian women experience. Hence, women have the right to be offended and traumatized from Donald Trump’s misogynistic remarks about females in a sexual manner, but keep in mind that women have been brutalized, kidnapped, executed and raped in countries where Hillary Clinton conducts million dollar business deals. Also not to mention, the Clinton Foundation raised billions of dollars for the Haitian victims of the category 7.0 earthquake that hit the country in 2010 which killed more than 200,000 people and left 1.5 million in destitution. Haitian protesters noticed that the infrastructural projects like hotels, industrial parks, homes, schools and other projects of Funds like the “Haiti Reconstruction Fund” were not created nor was the promised large amounts of aid money donated to Haiti.

The Republican and Democratic parties are antiquated and anachronistic parties in the American political system that haven’t done anything for Black people that Black people could not do ourselves if we have chosen to invest, organize, support and fortify ourselves and our own communities. The Democratic Party is not the party for the African American even according to history contrary to the propaganda and indoctrination that Black people have been manipulated with for decades. Black people in this country were initially members of the Republican party for the most part like Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, Hiram Revels (the first African American to serve in Congress), P.B.S. Pinchback, who was the first African American governor of a U.S. state and various other African American notables. Additionally, racists white eugenicists who were for the sterilization and extermination of the Black race like Margaret Senger (the founder of Planned Parenthood), the economist John Keynes, President Woodrow Wilson (who played the original “Birth of a Nation” movie in the White House which glorified the Ku Klux Klan) and others were members of the Democratic Party! Not to mention, there were more Republicans who supported the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which Dr. Martin Luther King was a strong advocate for. According to statistics, 80% of the Democrats in the House of Representatives voted for the passing of the Civil Rights Act, while 82% of the Democrats in the Senate supported the Act, and additionally, 63% of Republicans in the Houses of Representatives supported the passing of the Act, and 69% of Republicans in the Senate supported the passing of the Act. The Presidential candidate at the time representing the Republican party by the name of Barry Goldwater was a staunch segregationist voted against the Civil Rights Act and ironically, her proud and enthusiastic intern was a young lady from Park Ridge, Illinois by the name of Hillary Clinton!!!! Not to mention, when the Democratic President, at the time by the name of President Johnson, passed the Civil Right Bill for the purpose of appeasing the moderate, liberal and African American constituents lead by Civil Rights leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King and Roy Wilkins, he secretly coined this legislation “the nigger bill” among his Southern Democratic friends in the political arena! The passing of this act, along with the Civil Rights Leaders’ support of the Democratic Party played a pivotal role in the mass conversion to the party’s allegiance. Additionally, the Republican Presidential candidate, and soon to be president Richard Nixon, implemented the “Southern Strategy” for his agenda to ascend to the Presidency which was to make the focus of his campaign, law, order and national security against communists, civil rights leaders, Black power leaders which caused for inverse conversion of African Americans to join the Democratic Party and racist White Democrats to convert to the Republican party.

The main agenda of the Democratic Party is to complain about economic inequality, police brutality, racism and sexism for the purpose of receiving the Black vote (among votes of other so called minority groups) in exchange for keeping Black people dependent on the government for charity/welfare benefits, paternalism as far as child support and the false illusion of them representing Black interests. Additionally, the Republican Party is typically against government assistance for the African American community and is mainly for limited government and the minimization of taxes for social programs which could alternatively be allocated for a strong national defense. Both parties are not for African Americans and won’t be for African Americans until African Americans realize that “Black Lives Matter” by minimizing the intra-group homicides (Black of Black crimes), intra-group robberies, governmental dependencies, Black illegitimacy which is destroying the Black family, etc. A lot of us, including myself, are extremely critical against police brutality and we think that Hillary Clinton is the “Mother Mary” that will save the Black community in the name of “Black Lives Matter” when in reality, it was her who called non-violent African American offenders or “street pharmacists” “Superpredators” when she supported her husband President Clinton during the ratification and passing of the Violent Crime Control and Law Bill or the Crime Bill in 1994. The bill increased mass incarceration, prison overcrowding and the police presence in the African American community through $16 billion of our tax dollars. Hence, we were forced to fund the incarceration and victimization of African Americans through the policies of President Clinton who some call “the first Black President” and Hillary Clinton.

In closing, with the United States of America being a country where there are economic opportunities within the free market and limited opportunities within the government, unless you are successful in the free market, we cannot monopolize our choices to American partisan politics. Our power and capabilities lie within us and once we understand that, then the world will see that “Black Lives Matter” and then eventually, Black Votes will Matter.

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