This is the first time in American history that a reality television star, real estate developer, gaming/casino mogul, and billionaire socialite all in one, ascended to become the President-Elect of the United States!

For Donald Trump to single-handedly defeat 16 Republican presidential candidates with no political experience himself, setting the record of 13 million primary votes, and avoiding the controversy involved with his taxes, bankruptcy and misogynistic and “unpresidential” comments about females that he encountered during his time as a mogul, he unequivocally made history. It is undeniable that he made egregious and polarizing remarks in regards to people in the Hispanic immigrant, the Arab/Islamic, African American, disabled, women, and other communities. Concomitantly, his ultra-nationalist and fascistic rhetoric, as well as his nativist-oriented speeches, has excited and invigorated white supremacists, white neo-Nazi socialists, the Ku Klux Klan and various other xenophobic groups.

President-Elect Trump has been branded by liberal media as a racist whose white supporters are primarily racists, bigots and generally apolitical.

Contrary to popular belief, to homogenize Trump’s supporters under the vacuums of “racists”, “Uncle Toms”, “Uncle Tomases” and other sociological pejoratives, are rather misleading. As an African in America who is unapologetically Afrocentric and who didn’t vote for Trump, the majority of Americans of all demographic classifications are vehemently against the governmental interventionist and socialist policies that cost Americans exorbitant costs in taxation.

According to statistics from the National Election Pool reported by the New York Times, which used a sample of 24,537 voters in 350 locations with the inclusion of 4,398 telephone interviews with early/absentee voters, Trump won 58% of the white vote, compared to Clinton’s 37%, which is only 1% higher than the 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who lost to President Obama! Hence, it wasn’t the white vote that played a major’s role in Trump’s success.

Ironically, President-Elect Trump won 29% of the Latino vote, which is 8% higher than Romney’s results in 2012, especially in the midst of Trump’s derogatory views on illegal Hispanic immigrants in America. Not to mention, Trump received 8% of the black vote, which is 7% higher than Romney’s vote from the African American population.

Therefore, Trump’s success isn’t necessarily the result of white racist bigots, but people of so-called “minority groups” as well, who are either apolitical, non-participants in the voting process, or possibly people generally disgruntled with the interventionist governmental policies of Obama and even Bush!

Additionally, Americans are against the government’s intrusion on the limited rights that we have remaining, the continuously-increasing premiums of Obamacare which defies the fundamentality of economic principles, the extra compensation that an employer has to pay an employee for working overtime, which manipulates the profit margin of the business, the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act which has all of us Americans under perennial and interventionist governmental surveillance, the accumulation of enemies throughout the Arab world specifically in Syria and Libya, and, not to mention, the bombings of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Iraq, with insult added to injury that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize!

There are numerous interventionist policies objectively and collectively from President Bush and President Obama that catalytically gave birth to the Tea Party movement during the inception of Obama’s presidency and the cooptation of anti-government protesters and advocates by Trump. Therefore, the key to utility and efficacy in business is to meet the voluntary demands of the consumer, and with Trump being a billionaire, he may not be the most politically-astute person in the world, but he knew that to adequately become the victor in the primaries and general elections, he had to address the concerns, antipathies, imagination and inclinations of as many Americans possible, and this played a crucial role in his success.

Now that Donald J. Trump has been elected as the 45th President of the United States through his brilliant galvanization of the masses, it is time for everyone to advance.

Trump’s victory doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the end of the world for those who are abhorrently against him. We all need to better ourselves individually and through the synergy of our respective uniqueness and capabilities, and then we will become great which will, in turn, make America great. Additionally, through evolving our political awareness and the political processes, we can ensure through elections, town hall meetings, political organizing, special interest, social media and digital propagation that we can make sure that laws that violate our rights are repealed and that laws are passed that protect our rights and enhance our freedom! Hence, it is time for us to ensure that government’s role is to enforce our property rights, protect us from domestic and foreign enemies and ensure that we can pursue satisfaction or happiness through the industriousness, dedication, prudence and peace.

In closing, as long as markets are free, the government is limited and our rights are protected, it doesn’t matter who the President is. Instead, we need to look within ourselves to make sure that we are making America a better place for all people. The President is nothing but the “political brand ambassador” of a given nation, so it is through our advancement and involvement in the free market and involvement in the political process that we can make this country better and safer. Nothing and no one is perfect, but perfection is what we all should strive for especially in this new age of “The Donald.”

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